Nissan Xterras, Frontiers, and Pathfinders all come stock with the Nissan R180 front axle assembly. This axle is fine for the average driver and light offroaders, however, when you start using larger tires, and lifted suspension, it puts additional strain on this front axle assembly, making it the weak link. Luckilly, Nissan built these trucks like Legos, and you can easily bolt-in a Nissan Titan, Armada, or QX56 front axle assembly. Not only is it a more durable, burly unit, but CV axles are also much easier to change. 


M205's come in several variants depending on their production date. 2004-2007 Was the first variant of this axle, and it featured a 2-rib casing, which is largely considered by the Nissan offroad community to be a slightly weaker variant, but still acceptable for a Titan swap. In 2008, Nissan strengethened this casing, and it is easily identified by the 3-ribs on the casing. This is the most desirable front axle assembly for Titan Swaps, however they are difficult to source, because most salvage yards do not recognize or differentiate with this design change. No need to fear- Nissan Parts Puller can get you the correct part the first time!


M205's also come in two different gear ratios, 2.92, and 3.36, with 3.36 being the more difficult to find of the two. For most Titan-swappers, 3.36 is the ratio needed to match your rear axle's gearing. Nissan Xterras have 3.36 gearing in Off-Road and Pro4X models, and Frontiers have them in most automatic 6-cylinder models. Please make sure to verify your gear ratio by examining the door tag on your truck. If it says "CC33" then it is a 3.36 ratio. If you are a Titan-swapper looking to regear to lower aftermarket gears, the 2.92 option may be for you. A 2.92 M205 still contians all the neccesary internals, but would be a perfect candiate for lower gears like 4:10, or 4:56, availible from RuggedRocks. 


All M205's come standard with a 30-day parts only exchange warranty. This warranty covers the gears and all bearings/seals inside, and the external casing. Some M205's may have normal surface corrosion or wear from being underneath the vehicle. M205's will be delivered with 1-2 days of pull/pallet time, and 5-7 biz days ship time. Please make sure to drain and refill your M205 with fresh 75W-90 Synthetic gear oil before install. 

Nissan M205 Front Axle Assembly

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