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Are you a cool guy? Pop your sick shades up in this handy-dandy compartment on your roof! 

2005+ Nissan Xterra, Frontier Pathfinder Sunglasses Holder

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  • FAQ:


    Q: "Does this mod include the neccesary install items?"

    A: Partially, the bracket is included, but you are responsible for sourcing 4X short 10mm bolts form your local hardware store.

    Q: "Does this mod require me to modify my headliner?"

    A: Yes, you will need to cut your existing headliner back a few inches to fit the larger map lights assembly in there. Be careful trimming your headliner because it contains fiberglass. wear protective eyewear and gloves.


    Q: "Can you wire in the bluetooth?"

    A: You wanted it, you figure it out. 


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