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Nissan Parts Puller – Store Policies, Terms, & Conditions

Thank you for visiting Nissan Parts Puller, your #1 sourcing service for quality used and new aftermarket Nissan Truck Parts! Prior to your purchase, please read and understand the following terms and policies, so you have proper expectations before purchase. These policies are in place for a reason, to provide a fair and expected experience.


  • ​PARTS QUOTING & COMMUNICATION: If you have a parts quote request or interest in a part or vehicle I have posted, please MESSAGE the contact section of my website or my Facebook page. This helps me stay organized, and on top of orders and replies. It also helps me keep my personal social media separate from my business page. When you message the page, a simple auto-reply message feature will respond, asking for important vehicle details so I can make sure to get you the correct parts. I will reply as soon as I can, at my earliest convenience. If you have an issue or question about an order, please message me personally to resolve the issue before publicly posting to social media.


  • PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE: Creating quotes, taking pictures, travelling, and making phone calls/emails are all very time-consuming aspects of this business. In order to stay productive and in business, I need your cooperation. Please be considerate of my time and effort, and request a quote when you have the funds and are ready to purchase.


  • CONDITION EXPECTATIONS:  Salvage vehicles and their parts vary in condition by nature, depending on how/why they were totalled out, as well as how they were treated by the previous owner(s) as well as auction and salvage facilities. Photos often provided of the vehicle are taken from when it was listed at auction, and condition may vary. Please consider these are used parts and may have normal wear/tear, dirt/grime, discoloration, corrosion, minor scratches/scuffs/dents, etc, and set your expectations accordingly. I will do my very best to inspect and provide accurate photos and condition of said parts. New or re-manned aftermarket parts will be in good condition.


  • SMALL OR PARTIAL PARTS: I am unable to pull small parts or partial parts for several reasons. It is cost-prohibitive, and not worth the time/gas/shipping to send out small parts. I also have to abide by junkyard policies when I am pulling parts, to maintain my integrity and trust with my vendors. This means, I cannot sacrifice the “whole” part to sell a smaller piece or section, because it renders the “whole” part damaged, unsellable, or unusable. I DO NOT PULL THE FOLLOWING:  Hardware, sections of wiring/plugs, small brackets, radio knobs, small interior pieces, seat cushions, used shocks, mudflaps, used tires, underbody skid plates, step rails, catalytic converters, etc. I can make discretionary exceptions to this rule, especially when combined with larger parts orders. Minimum purchase amount is $50.00USD.


  • LEAD TIMES & SHIPPING TIMES: As a general rule of thumb, you can expect 1-3 business days of processing time for the item to get pulled, inspected, cleaned, packaged, and picked up by the shipping carrier. Once picked up by the shipping carrier, most items arrive within 7-10 business days after purchase. Large freight items can take up to 3-5 business days for pulling, palleting, and processing, as well as 7-10 business days for delivery. ALL FREIGHT ITEMS MUST GO TO A BUSINESS OR COMMERCIAL ZONED ADDRESS ACCESSIBLE BY BOX TRUCK OR SEMI. I am not responsible for unloading or liftgate charges acquired. Most parts go out using USPS Priority mail, UPS ground, and larger items via R&L Carriers, ABF Freight, or XPO Logistics. I will provide a tracker upon request. I can ship expedited or internationally depending on the situation, for additional charge.


  • PARTS PHOTOGRAPHY: I will always do my best to provide accurate and current photos of the parts in question, however, many of these vehicles are not local to me. However, I can provide you with photos of when the vehicle arrived in from auction.

  • WARRANTIES, EXCHANGES, AND RETURNS: Please carefully read all 7 warranty and return policies and understand them fully before purchase. They are put in place for a reason, to protect both my customers, vendors,  and myself, and to provide a fair and consistent experience with all customers. Please inspect parts immediately after delivery and contact my page directly if there are any issues that occurred.

  1. ACCEPTED RETURNS/EXCHANGES: Damaged, defective, or incompatible parts are the only parts honored by the Nissan Parts Puller warranty policy. Buyer’s remorse returns, as well as transactions past 30 days from delivery will absolutely NOT be accepted.

  2. DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE PARTS: Damaged or defective parts can be returned or exchanged within 30-days of delivery. Please refer to “condition expectations” when evaluating the parts you received. If you have a damaged or defective part, please contact me calmly and politely with photo/video evidence of the damage, and action will be taken accordingly.

  3. INCOMPATIBLE PARTS: Due to the intricacies of these vehicles, parts will have differences between the years. I always do my very best to be as knowledgeable as possible with parts compatibility and transferability. I search my parts by manufacturer interchanges, however sometimes there are honest mistakes and inconsistencies with this. Incompatible parts can be exchanged ONLY, within 30 days from delivery. Photo evidence is strongly suggested. The buyer is responsible for return shipping, and cost differences associated with the replacement part, unless stated otherwise.

  4. EXCHANGE AND WARRANTY TIME EXPECTATIONS: Parts will only be exchanged upon receiving the item back, unless stated otherwise. Refunds will be issued within 3-5 banking days after the part has been received and condition verified. These policies are in place in order to prevent fraudulent returns.

  5. LABOR AND INSTALLATION: Working on vehicles is fun, but can come with its share of headaches and unexpected damages and costs. Buyer assumes 100% responsibility for a safe and proper installation, and assumes liability for costs/damages to parts associated with installation. Credits will not be issued back due to unexpected labor costs or damages upon installation.

  6. SHIPPING IS NON-REFUNDABLE: Shipping is non-refundable unless otherwise stated. This is because shipping services go through 3rd parties like USPS, Fedex, UPS, will not refund a transaction that made it from point A to point B correctly without incurring damage.

  7. NON-WARRANTEEABLE ITEMS: Electronic items, including sensors, modules, ECU’s, and more are NOT covered under any warranty. This is because they run the risk of damage upon install, and can be rendered non-resellable. Large body panels like doors, fenders, beds, hoods, etc are sold as-is, and buyer accepts all responsibility for potential damage in shipping. Exhaust components are sold as-is, final sale. 


  • INSTALLATION, LABOR, & SAFETY: Working on vehicles can be a fun, but dangerous task. Please use proper precautions, tools, fluids, and safety gear when handling and installing used auto parts. I am not responsible for the installation, or the safety of your vehicle on the road. Please obey all traffic laws and drive safely!

  • PRIVACY POLICY: Nissan Parts Puller values your privacy and security, and will never sell customer data nor reveal personal payment information. Signed and completed terms and conditions documents are public documents and can be distributed to the situation accordingly.

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