You may have heard of our fog lights conversion switch, now look at our kit! Change your dim, base model Xterra, Frontier, or Pathfinder into a high-trim with this easy kit!

Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder Fog Lights Conversion Kit

Choose your lights stalk
Choose your lights
Choose Bulbs
  • FAQ:

    Q: "Does this stalk allow me to use my brights function on my headlights alongside the fog lights?"

    A: No, just like a stock Nissan truck this does not do that, due to regulations.


    Q: "Does this tie in my daytime running lights to my foglights?"

    A: No, just like a stock Nissan truck this does not do that.


    Q: "Does this allow me to use the light-triggered automatic headlights function?"

    A: No, that function requires a Nissan OEM ambient light sensor, and a lot of difficult wiring work. Often, it is not cost effective to do so. 


    Q: "Can I request that my stalk has no "automatic headlights" function?, and can I request that the white print on my stalk be in good shape?"

    A: No, I pull these stalks in bulk from many vehicles, and they vary in use, condition, and age. When assembled into kits, they are pulled at random from my supply bin. Due to stock, I will not make exceptions for particular stalk requests.  


    Q: "Are the fog lights OEM or aftermarket replacements?"

    A: I supply collision-repair-grade CAPA & SAE certified new foglights, since most are damaged when vehicles enter the junkyard. These are higher-grade housings than what can be found on Amazon, Wish, or eBay.


    Q: "What all is included??"

    A: 1X Fog lights stalk, 2X Fog lights, 2X Halogen bulbs, 2X fog lights brackets, mounting hardware, and Free shipping within the continental USA!


    Q: What is the average lead time?

    A: Since all kits are custom assembled to order, please allow 3-5 biz days lead time, and up to 3-7 biz days ship time depending on your location in the country. I will get them out as soon as humanly possible. 


    Q: Is this kit 100% plug and play, and bolt in?

    A: Yes, this kit is 100% plug and play, with no wiring, drilling, cutting, etc required. It is a super easy install, and even a novice mechanic can complete this task within a hour and a half. 



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