You may have heard of our fog lights conversion switch, now look at our kit! Change your dim, base model Xterra, Frontier, or Pathfinder into a high-trim with this easy kit!

Fog Lights Conversion Kit

Choose your lights stalk
Choose your lights
Choose Bulbs
  • FAQ:

    Q: "Does this stalk allow me to use my brights function on my headlights alongside the fog lights?"

    A: No, just like a stock Nissan truck this does not do that, due to regulations.


    Q: "Does this tie in my daytime running lights to my foglights?"

    A: No, just like a stock Nissan truck this does not do that.


    Q: "Does this allow me to use the light-triggered automatic headlights function?"

    A: No, that function requires a Nissan OEM ambient light sensor, and a lot of difficult wiring work. 


    Q: "Can I request that my stalk has no "automatic headlights" function?"

    A: No, due to stock it is not an option. 


    Q: "Are the fog lights OEM or aftermarket replacements?"

    A: I supply collision-repair-grade CAPA & SAE certified new foglights, since most are damaged when vehicles enter the junkyard.


    Q: "What all is included??"

    A: 1X Fog lights stalk, 2X Fog lights, 2X Halogen bulbs, 2X fog lights brackets, mounting hardware, and Free shipping within the continental USA!



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