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Have a base model Xterra, Frontier, or Pathfinder, and looking to add foglights? Look no further! This easy, plug-and-play kit utilizes your existing wiring harness to enable the existing wiring plugs hidden behind the bumper. Add OEM-style fog lights (sold separately) or, cut and splice in offroad lights!

Nissan Fog Lights Conversion Switch

  • FAQ:


    Q: "Does this stalk allow me to use my brights function on my headlights alongside the fog lights?"

    A: No, just like a stock Nissan truck this does not do that, due to regulations.


    Q: "Does this tie in my daytime running lights to my foglights?"

    A: No, just like a stock Nissan truck this does not do that.


    Q: "Does this allow me to use the light-triggered automatic headlights function?"

    A: Yes, if your 2016+ Frontier is pre-equipted with the sun load sensor harness, and you purchase a sun load sensor spearately. 

    Q: "Can I request that my stalk has no "automatic headlights" function?"

    A: Special requests for condition or features can be accomodated for additional costs- message me for details. 

  • Please refer to this short installation video:



    Tools Required:

    -Phillips screwdriver

    -Flathead screwdriver (for prying)

    -Dielectric grease (optional)


    Installation time: 5-15 minutes on average.


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