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❗️WARNING❗️— This is an aftermarket catalytic converter set, that fits the *MAJORITY* of the Nissan trucks with the VK56. Please understand that direct bolt-up fitment is *NOT* guaranteed, and some vehicles may require minor modifications to the secondary cats or Y-pipe collector to receive the best fit.

Introducing the Nissan Parts Puller VK56DE aftermarket catalytic converter kit!


Do you have a P0420 or P0430 code? Does your vehicle stumble, and struggle to accellerate? This could be caused by clogged, perished catalytic converters, which unfortunately is a common issue on this platform. If ignored, catalyst material can get sucked back into the motor, damaging piston rings, and scoring cylinders.


Contrary to popular internet forum commentary, it is best to replace them all at once, instead of deteting catalysts without proper tuning. If one catalyst is bad, the rest are likely to fail soon thereafter. If catalysts are deleted without proper UpRev tuning, it can fail emissions in certain states, and run very lean or rich throughout the powerband, shortening the lifespan of your engine.


Introducing the Nissan Parts Puller aftermarket catalytic converter kit! This kit fits 2004-2015 Nissan Titans, 2004-2015 Nissan Armada, and 2004-2015 Infiniti QX56. This kit includes:


-2X Primary Catalytic Converters, generic aftermarket unbranded.

-2X Secondary Catalytic Converters, generic aftermarket unbranded.


-Gaskets and seals


-Exhaust RTV sealant is not included, but reccomended for install. I suggest Permatex 81878 hi-temp gasketmaker.


By purchasing this item, customer agrees and accepts the following:


-Nissan Parts Puller Catalytic Converter kits are 48-state legal, and not available for sale in California, or New York. Canadian shipping is available upon request. Orders placed from these restricted states will be promptly refunded.


-Nissan Parts Puller holds no liability for issues effecting fitment, as each exhaust system withstands different conditions. Some of these issues include warped exhaust systems, rust, collapsed motor mounts, etc. For best results, install all items loosely, then incrementally tighten the connections up to distribute even force across all junctions and create a proper and even seal.


-Nissan Parts Puller does not garantee the clearing of P0420 and P0430 codes post-installation of these catalytic converters. Sometimes, the issue can be related to the O2 sensors.


-Nissan Parts Puller does not garantee an emissions "pass" in states post installation of these catalytic converters.


-All Nissan Parts Puller catalytic converter kits contain a 1-year parts only, exchange only warranty, against excessive corrosion and catalyst material failure. Returns and refunds are not issued on Nissan Parts Puller catalytic converter kits.


-Estimated lead time is 1-3 business days pull and pack time, and up to 5-7 business days ship time.


Thank you for your purchase!


NissanPartsPuller VK56 Catalytic Converter Kit


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